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Page history last edited by Mindelei Wuori 13 years ago

Hey Plurk Buddies!


Please check out the new streamlined location that houses the contact information from both of the plurk wikis: The Plurk for Educators Weebly. Sharon Ricks (aka teacherricks) was kind to put that together for us. The comic life on the front cover is very cool and provides excellent tips to new plurkers. As such, we have removed all the previous information from this site.


Feel free to read a little history below.

Mindelei Wuori (most recent admin)











Go to Plurk! 


Welcome to plurk4educators wiki!


Are you looking for someone on Plurk that is an educator (K-12 & HigherEd) in the same area as you? Check out the list below and add your Plurk anchor name/link, e.g., click on Source and enter <a href="http://plurk.com/youruserid">youruserid</a> as in wgraziadei then click on Source again to return to text and view - along with a brief description to the list too! Also, you may add your anchor name/link - description under as many categories as are appropriate. Feel free to add pages about how you use Plurk for your Personal/Professional Learning Networks (PLNs). Also checkout  http://twitter4teachers.pbwiki.com and http://utterli4educators.pbwiki.com/ and http://plurk4teachers.pbworks.com/. Thank you for participating and sharing this site with your Plurk friends. Ciao, Bill G...


As many of you know, I have taken over the administration of this Wiki for about a year now. Please share it with your new friends on Plurk so that we can all get to know new faces in our PLN.


Mindelei Wuori, Program Coordinator, f2f Program 9-12

Turning Point Learning Center

Emporia, KS



Comments (3)

Bill Graziadei, Ph.D. (aka Dr. G) said

at 7:29 pm on Nov 9, 2008

Anyone who has an idea for improvement of this site, feel free to go4it as well. No need to contact me. After all it is our site! Also, please get your Plurk friends to visit http://plurk4educators.pbwiki.com/ and enter their information as appropriate here as well. Ciao, Bill G...

evdenevesec said

at 3:32 pm on Jun 17, 2010

This site and the admin most heartfelt thanks to all the friends say. This information is very wonderful and enlightening. more beautiful than beautiful to publish information. I thank you for comments and respect to all my friends to provide

Mindelei Wuori said

at 9:28 pm on Jun 18, 2010

Someone added a bunch of weird stuff to the English Teachers section that was kindly deleted by someone else; however, that impacted the formatting. I could not get the formatting to edit properly, so I retyped that section. I made sure that all the links worked properly before deleting the original entries.

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